Tea for two

Dos de mis "it girls" del momento juntitas, Alexa Chung meet Sienna Miller !!!

Y no se pierdan la maravillosa versión de "Tea for two" de Blosson Dearie en nuestro Blip.fm !!!

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Anónimo dijo...

Sinceremente me sigo preguntando que le ven los hombres, algunos, a la tal Alexa, no lo entiendo.

Baglife dijo...

Ciertamente no es una belleza convencional, que tal si le llamamos por ejemplo ¿estilo?

Anónimo dijo...

Totalmente deacuerdo!!!!!!!!! Alexa es estilo sin duda, hace de todo una moda!
Gracias por tu guiño! My whish list es eso... deseos!

dot dijo...

Hola from London, (that's about as far as my Spanish goes, I'm afraid!)

Thank you for finding my blog and commenting a week or so back. Just back home & catching up & saw your comment so thought I'd visit your blog - it looks great. I wish I understood the Spanish parts! But I love the English quotes you chose, and even not understanding Spanish, I totally get your sensibility. (My husband and I LOVE Spain and try to go every year but we probably can't this September, alas).

If you'd like to swap links please let me know.


to refresh your memory!


Baglife dijo...

Dear Dot,

Thanks a lot for your kind comment.
I love very much your nice blog, is one of my favourites this days, and, of course, i like to swap links with you !!!
all the best.